Cloud Software - Senior Engineer

Senior Developer

Ref: 23Monday 17 September 2018

This vacancy is now closed


To join Global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, providing the most complete portfolio of software and services for contact center and unified communications— offered on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

What you will doing

Ideally, you will have worked on an exciting PaaS and/or SaaS products in your previous roles and loved the satisfaction that comes with knowing that people around the world are using something you’ve created. You can demonstrate significant impact that your work has had on the product and/or the team.

  • Contribute to continuous integration and code deployment and releases.
  • Review and ensure designs and implementations follow fault-tolerance and security best practices.
  • Coordinate with multiple Development and Ops teams as well as customer support teams.
  • Passion and demonstrated experience in improving the reliability and operational automation of complex, multi-tier systems.
  • Care about agility as much you care for scalability and availability. Continuous deployment keeps us focused on incremental releases. Even our biggest technical achievements roll out piece by piece, feature flagged out of sight.
  • Develop necessary tools and processes and integrate with cloud services or third-party tools to make infrastructure and solution management a non-issue, especially clusters, job scheduling and storage systems.
  • Develop, deploy and monitor cloud and on-premise services to meet and exceed service-level agreements with stakeholders.
  • Experience with addressing performance issues across the whole stack from applications to operating systems.
  • Experience building business critical large-scale system with extreme availability.
  • Ability to program across the core project language Java