Full Stack Developer

Ref: 90Thursday 7 November 2019




Exciting opportunity for a software development engineer to join a company where their efforts will help save and extend people's lives.

You will join a company that is developing a specialist medical device currently at clinical trial stages which will provide life-saving solutions to people worldwide.  

Reporting to the VP of R&D, you will lead the software efforts in requirements analysis, architecture design, detailed design, implementation and design verification for the device.

You will work within a cross-functional engineering team to ensure the software is delivered per design and development planning, where attention to detail will be essential as you'll be working in a regulated environment.


• Lead the development of the system software based on input from clinical users, characteristics of the existing technology base, consultation with other engineering staff, and system functional requirements.

• Perform architecture design (internal and external interfaces including hardware).

• Deliver the software implementation, following coding guidelines and considering system characteristics to produce optimal performance, reliability, and maintainability.

• Contribute to the risk analysis process and lead the implementation of risk control measures in software.

 • Design unit tests and automated integration tests. 

• Ensure that software is maintained over the lifecycle of the device and that revisions are prepared, adopted, verified and implemented on time. 

• Support the team on all matters related to design and manufacturing including working closely with external partners.

• Prepare reports, documents, procedures, specifications, and other such technical documents as required to ensure the success of the project.


• At least 5 years of experience in software system design and development.

• Proficient in a range of computer programming languages, microprocessors, software configuration management and operating systems. 

• Must be fluent in at least one of C, C++, C# or Java with the ability to adapt to other emerging tools and languages as required.

• Experienced in developing multi-threaded applications.

• Experience in networking and communication protocols. 

• Understanding of Windows or Linux embedded system development. (desirable)

• Experience in designing user interfaces using modern GUI frameworks.

• Experience of participation in code reviews and skilled in the use of version control systems.

• Knowledge/experience in software verification and validation.


The intention is to use GIT for version control and operate a CI / CD ethos, however as the senior engineer you will have the opportunity to shape and develop the software engineering efforts of the organisation. 

 Apply today and utilise your software engineering skills to help change people's lives for the better.