NLP engineer

Senior Developer

Ref: 39Tuesday 4 December 2018

This vacancy is now closed


NLP Engineer:

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer is passionate about language and language applications while possessing the technical skills to “make things work.”  This R&D position directly supports the development of automated dialogue system technology such as chatbots.  The NLP Engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining language models within our Natural Language Understanding engine.  Creative problem-solving and a deep understanding of linguistic concepts are central skills.  The position will also involve acting as a consultant to other teams requiring expertise in language matters.   The job requires close interaction with Development, QA, Support, and Professional Services teams. 

We are seeking a candidate with proficiency in multiple languages, excellent communication skills, and strong analytical capability. You will be working in a multi-disciplinary, geographically distributed team with colleagues in China, Germany, India, and the US.

What we like to see:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, or Linguistics; specialized study in Dialogue or Discourse
  • Excellent English communication skills, plus fluency in other languages, with a particular interest in German, Spanish, or Portuguese.
  • Ability to demonstrate creative problem-solving skills and to contribute to the development of high-quality technology products.
  • Proficiency in at least one scripting or programming language (such as Python, Java, etc.)
  • Knowledge of databases, including SQL proficiency
  • Knowledge of regular expressions
  • Experience with chatbots, machine learning