Site Lead


Ref: 132Tuesday 7 April 2020


Site Lead 


The Position

This position requires a self-starter who has at least 10 years’ experience working in a technical leadership position, ideally with an avionics, telecommunications or real-time data processing background and with noteworthy career successes under their belt.

As with all key roles in new organisations, the candidate will initially have to divide their time between business development, sales and R&D setup responsibilities. In time, that these roles will be separated and allow the Site Lead grow the organisation.

This position is based in Galway.




  • Have strong Customer-facing skills and be capable of working with CXO decision makers to represent and advance the company brand in the market-place.
  • Under the direction of the Management Team, and based on experience and intuition, identify and establish relationships with target prospects and lead customers.
  • Capable and comfortable proposing solutions, organising a team to develop proof of concepts, carry out platform trials and ensure a high state of business readiness for the launch and support of commercial product lines.
  • Build and manage a Sales pipeline.




  • Work closely with the current organisation, to replicate and establish a Galway software Research and Development organisation that will support a scalable, fit-for-purpose global drone business
  • Work with NUIG and GMIT course leaders to ensure that the skill sets required by us, and other specialist drone industry vendors, are incorporated into syllabuses.
  • Develop a skills channel  for specialists in Machine Learning and AI.
  • Identify and work with ecosystem vendors in the region with a view to select and test component technologies for suitability for incorporation into our solution to reduce time to market, e.g. candidate AI-based vision recognition vendors, big- data stream-search vendors, terrain-mapping and modelling vendors, etc.

The Person

Reporting to the VP of Research & Development, the ideal candidate will have a strong background in software development with ambitions to move into a senior leadership position.

He or she will be responsible for setting up and hiring a world-class software development team that brings together the software skills necessary to build and support our systems and solutions.

A key task will be the establishment of DevOPS environments to support the various software development threads including Navigation, Flight-Support, Engine-Management, Sensor Management, Ground Control Systems and Telemetry Post-Processing.

The candidate will have strong inter-personal and presentation skills and be capable of supporting early customer engagements and establishing relationships within eco-system partners and academic institutions.

Experience working with Agile and Scrum based software development paradigms is essential.

DevOPS and Lab Environments

The Team Leader will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the following DevOPS and Lab Environments.

  • Comprehensive Microsoft Azure DevOPS environment which will ideally be a hybrid/enterprise environment.
  • Full featured ARM development environment for embedded Real-Time data processing applications for Flight, Power, Battery and Internal Combustion Engine Management.
  • Realtime in-memory data-processing environment with MATLAB data-processing capabilities.
  • Communications Lab to bring together and stage GPS, Telemetry, Video and other third-party sensor scenarios involving WiFi, LoRA and FPV telecommunications technologies.


Software Development Skillsets

The Team Leader will work with a recruitment organisation to identify, interview and select R&D team candidates with a blend of programmatic skills.

R&D team members will have 2 -3 years project experience in one or more of the following embedded and control software domains.

  • Knowledge of Realtime operating systems such as Chibi and Nucleus RTOS
  • Programming experience in ARM programming environments such as NXP iMX6 or Teensy 4.0 or experience working with native ARM C/C++ compilers.
  • C# programming with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Microsoft Azure DevOPS environment and GitHub-based code repositories.
  • Big Data Analytics in Azure environment.
  • Experience working with MATLAB to perform real-time analytics and the construction of heuristic algorithms.
  • Experience working with Microsoft’s Xamarin environment building apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Linux deployment.
  • Ideally, experience working with off-the-shelf commercial drone Flight Management Units such as Pixhawk or DJI.
  • Polymaths are particularly welcome in particular those whose interests and passions span one or several areas of interests including drones, gaming, AI, Machine Learning, computing technologies, engineering and physics.
  • Candidates will have a rich imagination and an openness to new and futuristic ideas
  • Not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • Passionate on detail from design, operation, service and maintenance aspects of the business to deliver the best possible customer experiences for end-users.