Software Engineer - AWS System Architect


Ref: 385Monday 12 February 2024

Opportunity for a Software Engineer - AWS System Architect.

The ideal candidate should have experience in AWS and ideally from a Software background with particular experience skills in AWS OR PC OR IAM OR ECS OR EC2 OR ECR OR RDS OR EFS OR S3 OR ELB OR SQS OR SNS OR Lambda OR Cloudfront OR WAF OR Cloudwatch OR SES OR Route53 OR KMS OR SSM OR API OR Gateway OR cross-account OR data OR transfer OR cost OR optimization.

  • 3 yrs systems administration experience on AWS with a good understanding of:
  • PC, IAM, ECS, EC2, ECR, RDS, EFS, S3, ELB, SQS, SNS, Lambda, Cloudfront, WAF, Cloudwatch, SES, Route53, KMS, SSM, API Gateway, organizations, cross-region and cross-account data transfer, cost optimization
  • Release deployment co-ordination of docker containers to Amazon Linux 2 using git and bitbucket and the Atlassian tool chain for ticketing, documentation and support.
  • Strong knowledge of DNS and network protocols.
  • PostgreSQL RDS databases in production environments, DDL migrations, backups, transfers, restores.
  • Platform security analysis and risk mitigation.
  • Day to day management a growing set of AWS platform as a service (PAAS) staging and production environments, including the build-out of new microservices, release co-ordination and continual process improvements.
  • Operational and active security monitoring of PAAS systems including network and DNS administration.
  • PostgreSQL deployments, DDL migrations and maintenance.
  • Data transfer tooling.
  • AWS Cost optimization.
  • Atlassian administration,
  • Assist development teams with proof of concept research.
  • Maintenance of rocketchat and Jitsi communications infrastructure.

Nice to have:

  • AWS certification
  • Postgres certifications
  • OWASP certifications
  • php, nginx, node.js, angular, open source monitoring and visualisation tools e.g. prometheus, grafana.


*with remote work option within Ireland.